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In Review: DJ Bone at Wire, Leeds

In Review: DJ Bone at Wire, Leeds

Jack Harrop | Reviews

‘Detroit underground legend’ are three words constantly associated with the man who had graced Leeds with his presence on Friday. For this reason it was surprising that the tickets for the event hadn’t sold out, but as we all know having some space to dance can be a rare thing to come across, so I made my way down to Wire excited to see what DJ Bone had in store.

Stood behind 2 raised CDJs in the booth, he surveyed the crowd around him and then had the audacity to drop Jeff Mills’ The Bells at quarter to 1. Such a power move from a DJ who’s earned the right to do whatever he pleases. The crowd loved it and it set the stage for 4 more hours of pounding Detroit techno.

At no point did Wire get especially busy, but the heads that were there seemed very keen on the assortment of slammers that DJ Bone had brought with him. He had dug very deep and unfortunately I’m struggling to mention any specific stand-out tracks as I was having too much fun dancing to Shazam anything! One highlight I did manage to ID was his own production ‘Detroit is Hard’, a thunderous belter he played out at peak time.

As expected DJ Bone isn’t one to switch up the genres too much. Detroit techno followed by more Detroit techno could have put off dance music fans who weren’t already huge fans of his style, and this could explain why the night didn’t sell out, and in some way goes to prove the often stated notion that Leeds in general doesn’t have a huge love affair with techno music.

Bone played what seemed to be the final track of the night, Underground Resistance's monstrously powerful ‘Amazon’ and after a rapturous reception the contingent of Call Lane walkouts, a staple of half full nights in Wire started chanting (I assumed in vain) for one more tune. Low and behold DJ Bone indulged them and blasted out another unknown track to the delight of the last few clubbers.

It wasn’t one of the greatest nights Wire have put on recently, but the DJing and musical selections were incredible and if you could deal with several exceptionally drunk revellers who seemed to think they were still in Revs, and fully appreciate the space then the night was certainly a success.

Photo courtesy of DJ Bone

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In Review: DJ Bone at Wire, Leeds

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