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In Review: Dusky at Gorilla, Manchester

In Review: Dusky at Gorilla, Manchester

Francesca Melia | Reviews

Dusky has always been a favourite of mine, formed in 2011 the two became synonymous among the house party fanatics as a unique take on the genre. I was instantly obsessed with this new age sound as I enjoyed the fact that they combined both house and techno with ambient influences, I felt that they were rather progressive for this reason. They were playing at Gorilla, which is one of the best sounding venues in the city, so I was ultimately giddy with excitement to see what Dusky's 17 steps tour was going to sound like.

I arrived just when Lo Shea came on, a very creative set for sure, his sounds were beautifully crafted as he utterly captured what good House should sound like. Upbeat and to the point, his set definitely got you moving and made the good energy flow with adrenaline packed and skilfully slick tunes. As more people were being pushed in and while the tempo became faster, the atmosphere turned to a more underground vibe. It was as if a thick mist formed around us and we were instantly lost within it. Held captive, we just listened to sounds which entranced us into submission, it was a great start to the evening. The lighting was set as the strobes were turned on and thrown around as if to confuse you, the crowd at this point were hungry and the music was keeping the energy going, it perfectly prepared us for what was to come.

As the sweat was intensifying you could feel the tension rising, we were all waiting for the dynamic couple that is Dusky. They came on like a bull in a china shop, who entered onto the stage to such a loud roar that it rumbled you hard to the core. Their cool, hypnotic melodies mixed with heavy techno beats were filthily good, they eased us in perfectly and kept the bass hard and the tempo quick. The sub was like an explosion which rattled you, the acoustics in the room were also on point as the music bounced off the walls which hit you hard in the face, the vibrations didn't help with this which was even more intensified by the striking light set. Thrown in were soft, wavering vocals which fit in perfectly with the ambient gaps within the set, it was extremely uplifting, feel good music absolutely. The pair kept the beats flowing in perfect unison with how the crowd was reacting, they then turned to play some of their best hits such as “Sort It Out Sharon” from their 2016 album Outer and “Yoohoo” which was just plain epic, this was more than enough to get the crowd raving. I was alone in my own little world, the beats were very atmospheric, they were channeling 80s groove; full of soul and unapologetically smooth.

Photo courtesy of Dusky

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In Review: Dusky at Gorilla, Manchester

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