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In Review: Goldie at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

In Review: Goldie at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Francesca Melia | Reviews

Perhaps one of the most famous faces of the drum and bass scene, Goldie, who is known for his high octane sets and heavy jungle beats, has recently embarked on his new tour around the UK with The Heritage Orchestra . For someone who is known for having a vibrant and energetic persona on stage, I was instantly intrigued as to what would be created when he and a symphonic orchestra would combine their sounds. With my eager self excited to experience the evening in question I entered the Bridgewater hall to find no standing stalls in sight; it was a seated gig. Goldie's sets are usually fist pumping and very dynamic, therefore, when I sat down I became disheartened at the fact that I may not have a chance to dance and I knew immediately this was going to be a gig like no other.

As my excitement was becoming more uncontainable Reeps One, a beatboxer extraordinaire, was our opening act for the evening. His angelic vocal lines were not preparing us for anything, it took us all by surprise and was truly mind-blowing. As he reached the climactic drop of the song, the entire crowd let out a gasp and roar as he managed to contort his voice into one of the cleanest and crispest sounding neurofunk beats I had ever heard. His insane beats grasped the crowd and the huge synth lines completely awed us to complete bewilderment, he was genuinely a spectacle to behold and really started the night on a strong note.

As the main event began to kick off the man himself, Goldie, walks onto the stage to an eruption of applause and a standing ovation before a single note was played. Terri Walker took to the stage to feature in the first track of night, her powerful and pitch-perfect soulful voice was magical to hear and helped introduce us to what was to come. When the jungle beats began and the bouncy analog synth lines followed, Goldie then hit us with a rendition of “Prism” off of his newest album. The grand sounds of the synthesizer completely stole the show during this track, and pushed both the venue and its sound equipment to the test, which did not disappoint. The absolute highlight of the evening came when Goldie dedicated a part of his set to the late Marcus Intalex, Manchester’s very own drum and bass legend as well as one of the most respected figures in the scene. The hauntingly beautiful piano melody filled the auditorium and led us into the heaviest section of the night, this was where a perfectly crafted amen break was thrown at the audience so hard we were all nearly left with whiplash. A truly touching and genuinely emotional moment for every attendee.

The rest of the set pounded through Goldie’s newest album The Journey Man and revisited some of his legendary tracks off his 1995 debut album Timeless. This was absolutely mesmerizing to say the least, especially when these tunes were bound together with the classical orchestra in the background. As expected, the night came to a brilliant end when he gave the crowd a near 15 minute rendition of his most legendary song “Inner City Life”. This song coupled with both the bewitching melodies from The Heritage Orchestra and the beautiful voice of Natalie Duncan made the evening even more memorable for everyone there. The use of two different genres of music worked spectacularly together and created an intense yet absolutely thrilling gig, it was seamless and epic considering it is completely different to what you expect when watching Goldie. If you do have the chance then I would seriously recommend you to go and experience this for yourself, it will be something you will have never seen or heard.

Photo courtesy of Circle Talent Agency

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In Review: Goldie at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

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