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In Review: Gorgon City presents Kingdom at Albert Hall, Manchester

In Review: Gorgon City presents Kingdom at Albert Hall, Manchester

Jack Wynne | Reviews

Manchester’s Albert Hall once again proved a sublime alternative to Store Street, the usual murky setting for The Warehouse Project, as Gorgon City brought their Kingdom tour to the city.

Albert Hall’s striking interior always draws a huge amount of appreciation and the same could be said for the premier cast of house music DJ/producers which performed in the Quay Street venue.

Gorgon City were the headline act but all of the supporting cast received a similarly large reception, Hadley starting off proceedings by sharing the more mellow sounds of house. Even though the beginning of the show was accompanied by softer tones there was no escaping just how energetic the crowd were; the number of people on both levels that were dancing with such excitement as they observed Hadley blending the deeper bass lines offered an accurate reflection of how much his style was appreciated.

Each artist brought their own unique interpretation on a different nuance which really helped to enrich the experience, as MANT sought to take everyone inside the Albert Hall on a journey through the more tech-dominated areas.

The desire to share sharp and industrial sounds right from the start, which evoked a thunderous reception, felt like a natural progression as the night wore on.

Within an instant there seemed to be a sudden rise in the energy throughout the entirety of the room, the increasingly darker sounds causing a completely different level of craziness to descend over the crowd. As Riton took to the stage the pandemonium was turned up a notch, with inflatable sharks and umbrellas flying around inside the Albert Hall. The London-based musician immediately opted for sounds exuding a greater warmth, selecting some of the funkiest basslines.

Each artist had made a sublime effort to showcase every facet of their unique style and Riton was no different, combining his own records which are notorious for sun-drenched vocals alongside some iconic acapellas. Set to play just before the main act Disciples performed with such enthusiasm, he provided the perfect precursor for the headliners.

The trio have long strived to strike a fierce rapport with the crowd wherever they perform and that was no different in Albert Hall, Nathan Duvall doing a sterling job of providing that all-important link. The Londoners have also been regarded as incredibly diverse artists and their ability to produce hugely bold commercial hits alongside the edgier club tracks provided the ingredients for a supercharged set.

Hearing their records reverberate around the whole room thanks to the way the crowd sang them almost hypnotically was another telling sign of just how much jubilation there was. Looking around as Gorgon City took to the decks every face just carried a beaming smiles, the level of anticipation reaching unprecedented levels. This tour was all about the duo embracing DJ sets and reconnecting with their unique vibe.

Immediately diving in with the murkier sounds of house, there was no mistake they had achieved that goal of defining the difference compared with live shows. Of course some of their biggest hits like “Ready for your Love” and “Imagination” garnered a monumental reaction as a shower of confetti and CO2 cannons added to make for an even more special occasion.

Overall the direction and makeup of their performance was a constant reminder of everything a DJ set should be.

As the night drew to a close Danny Howard delivered a bright and bold finish, sharing a wide range of styles and sounds. The Blackpool-born musician is known for being quite the tastemaker, regularly sharing the freshest sounds on the radio, and that ability was clearly evident as he conjured up a wondrous atmosphere inside the Albert Hall.

After enjoying unprecedented success in the world of live performances the way Gorgon City seamlessly transitioned back across to DJ sets, remembering where it all began, was utterly outstanding.

The choice of venue for the first UK show of their latest tour alongside the unique blend of support artists added to make for a hugely euphoric night of entertainment for house music lovers.

Photos courtesy of Jack Kerwin

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In Review: Gorgon City presents Kingdom at Albert Hall, Manchester

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