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In Review: Indie Banquet 2017

In Review: Indie Banquet 2017

Lorna Gray | Reviews

There’s always a sense of community in Leeds’ beloved Brudenell Social club venue and its hosting of Pizza For The People’s Indie Banquet event was no exception. Having taken place years previous in smaller venues, the success of this food and music collaboration warranted an upgrade - and just as well, as the place got pretty busy. Promising a full day of live music across a broad spectrum of genres, their carefully curated lineup consisted of some of the most exciting and interesting bands from various scenes - all coming together to celebrate each other’s unique sounds.

Team Picture’s introductory offering was a false sense of security, as the ethereal and eerie vocals combined with slow, melodic guitar was switched up entirely once they’d completely captivated their audience with track ‘Potpourri Headache’. Wolf Alice-esque dual howls from both their vocalist and guitarist combined with thrashing guitar to match as well as repetitive krautrock style drum rhythms, creating a sound warmly received by their crowd.

Team Picture courtesy of James Ward

Local to Leeds, Colour Of Spring immediately jump into their set to a familiar crowd. Completely comfortable with the surroundings and audience, the five-piece succeed in selling their dreamy shoegaze. Hazy drones of guitar are met with soft and subtle keys layered with soothing vocals straight out of the new romantics era. Complex yet understated hooks are the electric driving force behind this band’s acid style sound, and the intimate nature of their set only accentuated through their conversation with audience members in between their trippy, slow-motion sound.

Mere seconds into their set and it’s no longer a mystery as to why London band Yowl claimed their namesake. Beginning with their track ‘The Travelling Murder Circus’, fast-paced shuffling drums and guitar sounds to match are layered with equally as fast-paced lyrics. As their set continues, a mix of blues style guitar riffs and grittier guitar sludge, as well as deafening feedback, created a raw garage noise while vocals switched between a low howl, an almost venomous spoken word and at times a falsetto singing style crept in.

Hailing from Brighton, Thee MVPs were here to bring in the psych and garage vibes, and they did just that. With heavy riffs drenched in reverb dominating, the combination of hypnotic, repetitive bass lines gave their sound a trippy edge. This fast-paced and chaotic band oozed charisma and charm, while the lead singer and guitarist was the embodiment of energy, replicating the frenzied noise with his movements, the bassist stood stationary, simply shaking her head from side to side and further enforcing the compelling nature of this outfit.

Thee MVPs courtesy of James Ward

Vulgarians are signaling the heavier shift as the day turns into night and people prepare for the headline act. Scratching the surface, the Hull band are a clamber of guitars and screeched lyrics that express the punk personna in a unique way. But listening further and delving deeper, the lead singer’s style is comparable to Mark E Smith (only a much more sober version) as he viciously and passionately spits his poetic lyrics over melodic, structured chord progressions and catastrophic drums.

As The Wytches took to the stage, the crowd swelled and the room flooded with deep blue and purple lights. As recognisable riffs of distortion rang out, so did bruise-inducing movements from their audience and complete chaos ensued as their anarchic noise is replicated through the anarchic crowd. People climbed and clambered on the stage only to jump off and crowd surf across the bodies, while not one person remained motionless, all eyes were fixated on the band. The trio’s take on the grunge genre combines doom elements with the lighter surf style guitar and biting, menacing vocals, which translates live into a frenzied assault on the senses. Sweat soaked and smiling, the band return following their set for an encore, much to the satisfaction of their still-hungry spectators. The final few songs trigger more madness from their viewers and the drummer plummets onto hands of fans as he’s raised to the ceiling in celebration.

All images courtesy of James Ward

In Review: Indie Banquet 2017

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