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In Review: Kurupt FM, The Warehouse Project

In Review: Kurupt FM, The Warehouse Project

Francesca Melia | Reviews

Every time I enter Store Street I am always greeted by that hypnotic bass and ethereal lighting, masses of people scurrying around trying to get a good spot in the crowd. Seeing as this is the final year at the location for Warehouse Project I have found they have really gone all out to make a lasting impression. Kurupt FM’s Last Tour (probably) Ever was on, when it was announced I was blown away by the line up and was excited to see what the team had in store. Seeing as season 5 of their hit series ‘People Just Do Nothing was out I knew it was going to be big one.

I entered just as Sir Spyro was on, he provided a high octane set coupled with some dirty grime spits, impactful and full of life you could see where the night was leading. Hyped from the start many people were taking their place and began pitching their spot waiting for the rest of the evening to unravel. Dancing in time and throwing their hands up high, the night had started.

As David Rodigan was about to come on the crowd roared and became more excited, I have waited a long time to see him and have only ever heard great things. As the air grew thicker the BBC Radio legend came to the stage, the whole place vibrated. Constantly teasing the audience with every tune and breakbeat he led us all into party mode, the intensity never subsided for even one second. Extremely energetic as he bounced around on stage from deck to deck,  throwing in a bit of everything from Dancehall, Garage, and DnB. Big tunes that were great had to be his own ‘Hard’, the Fugees’s ‘Ready or Not’ mix, Biggie Smalls’ ‘Hypnotize’ and even some Shy FX. He was definitely worth the wait to see, not a disappointment.

Next on was the Kurupt team of course, Chabuddy G opened by singing his own, beautiful rendition of Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’. With this amazing opening it soon went off, the team flew through their album ‘The Lost Tape’ which seemed to flow seamlessly from track to track. We were being thrown back and forth with great melodies, slick raps and endless humour, it made it even more worthwhile when songs like ‘Standard Hoodlum Issue’, ‘Suttin’ Like That’, and ‘138 Trek’ came on. Constantly making you want to jump around and rave to your heart's content they truly put on a performance. Easing comedy into their set and never dropping out of character Steves, Grindah, Beats and Chabuddy all put in their own twist and grace to make it an unforgettable performance.

Noticing a clash between Kurupt FM and Scott Garcia and Sticky - a duo synonymous with the UKG scene who produced Ms.Dynamite’s Boo! - were both on the decks playing absolute bangers which took you back to the late 90s early 00’s. Tracks such as ‘Gotta Get Thru This’ and ‘Just In Case’ were played alongside some crazy 4x4 Beats, it was upbeat and fun loving. I have wanted to see both of them for a while now and was taken aback at how easy they seemed to play. Smiling constantly, enjoying every beat they dropped, the duo were exciting and dynamic. Bouncing from tune to tune they kept the bass high, the tempo quick and beats plenty, it was honestly such a shame that they happened to be on at the same time at Kurupt.

In the main room Ghetts appeared on stage, the Grime artist extraordinaire is known for his raw voice and impactful lyrics. His voice echoed in the hall, punching through on every word his presence was truly sensed, he made sure you could hear him. The people watching were dancing hard, listening to the melodies produced and gave full support. Even though on for 30 minutes he really made the stage his own, I wish that he had been on for just a bit longer.

The final act I saw was Manchester’s very own DnB group North Base who have worked with the likes of Chase and Status and Andy C. Known for quick, fluid and hard hitting DnB which is never short of energy. I was ready yet it seemed that the night was too much for some as It was at this point the numbers started to dwindle. As the veterans stayed and partied hard by jumping aimlessly to the endless drops I contemplated on what a great night it was.

Amazing and unforgettable, the PJDN team gave us everything and more. Every act that was on gave their own flare, performance and talent which was beautifully constructed, it was nice to see different musical genres coming together. Fluid and well produced it is a shame that the Kurupt Team will perhaps never do another tour like this again.

All images courtesy of Gary Brown

In Review: Kurupt FM, The Warehouse Project

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