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In Review: Metropolis X My Nu Leng at Manchester Academy

In Review: Metropolis X My Nu Leng at Manchester Academy

Francesca Melia | Reviews

As I waited in line at Manchester Academy I was eager to see how the night would unfold, as a great line up which featured the likes of Randall, Serum, DJ Hazard, SASASAS, and My Nu Leng was to come. There was definitely a buzz in the air as most of the crowd were hardcore DnB lovers who were overcome by pure excitement for this epic lineup. Unfortunately both Randall and Hype were not present due to them being at an awards ceremony, but I knew that the whole night was going to be swamped with great sounds from the greats of drum and bass, garage, grime, dubstep and electronic, this evening was one of a kind. With knowledge that the night was going to be hosted by Metropolis, infamous legends of the underground music scene in Manchester, I was eager, as they were presenting the first part of their 15 years with Together who are most famous for their nights at Amnesia club in Ibiza. I was definitely excited to see what the night was going to hold.

The first half of the evening was heavily lined with DnB - sweat and heat lined the room as people were on non-stop party mode, no one wavered as they danced into the night. Highlights of the event included the insane sets from both Hazard and Serum. DJ Hazard gave the crowd lots of rolling, jump-up tunes like “Bricks Don't Roll” and a few 2018 dubs which were beyond amazing. Full of energy, it was pretty much standard Hazard without Hype, unfortunate but nonetheless still amazing. Up next was Serum who is perhaps the most exciting producer in the jump-up scene right now, he kept pushing the massive droning bass sounds with roaring roller beats and never faltered in presenting fast tempo, in your face tunes which chewed you up and spat you back out. These Legends set the night and psyched the crowd and beat them into submission with their heavy vocals, aggressive rhythms and crazy drops. 3am rolled around when we were introduced to My Nu Leng and the atmosphere shifted to a grimier vibe with the heavy influences from an array of genres such as DnB, garage and bassline. The Bristol based duo are truly very talented in what they create which was easily seen on the evening as they opened hard and didn't mess around as the crowd was ecstatic and eager for great drops, crazy lyrical talent from MC Dread and dirty beats. The set slightly reminisced old school 90s bassline and UK garage which left you gagging for more as it flung you around the room. Playing mixes from their newest EP Portal coupled with samples from their collaboration with Flava D with “Soul Shake”, these sound mixes took you on a journey which worked flawlessly together.

Ending the evening, SASASAS came onto the stage and took the crown by storm with their high octane, Jump-up DnB. A bold end of a bold night, the people went wild for their immense energy which captivated us all and kept us going right till the end. The iconic group played gripping tunes and released flawless vocals throughout the hour, truly great vibes were given. The entire night was rather intense, yet it didn't falter on the fun, all the artists never let the atmosphere dip once and continued to released epic whirlwind recordings that took the breath from you and forced you to move even if you were tired. I prefer to think of the night as an exhibition of sounds which proudly showcased where the future of UK Garage and DnB is going.

If you want to experience the next event like this, be sure to check out Metropolis x Relapse x Masters of Drum & Bass presents Noisia, DJ Guv & more.

Photo courtesy of Metropolis

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In Review: Metropolis X My Nu Leng at Manchester Academy

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