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In Review: Subdub at Freedom Mills

In Review: Subdub at Freedom Mills

Nicole Raymond | Reviews

First of all, right off the bat here, I will admit this: writing this particular review is/was particularly hard work because of the bass shaking my fingers and all the bodies jumping up around me. Everyone was in sync, I was keeping up with them, and I’m honestly so surprised I didn’t drop my phone here.

Anyway, this would be my 3rd Subdub to date, and I was particularly excited as it was at Freedom Mills this time. My very first Subdub was in this venue too and it was amazing then, so I was very excited to be reliving it. Walking into a dubstep remix of Kanye West really set the tone for the night. Even the bouncers were on that skanking vibe as well, welcoming us with friendly grins as we walked in. Obviously, we were greeted by bass. It warmly hugged us, vibrating our hearts, holding our hands, and guiding us through until the early hours of the morning.

Even though the venue was dark, the DJs and MCs faces were lit up by their equipment, lights from the bar and occasional camera flashes from phones and their screens. This time, while it was quite busy, it wasn’t as busy as expected. Moving through the crowd was fairly easy, but a lot of the sweet spots were gone quickly.

Trigger fingers were heavily abundant. I’m rather short so looking up from my phone every now and then when writing this (and dancing, DUH), you’d always see a bunch of them popping up in the air, not too dissimilar to meerkats looking around in the desert. Yeah, I went there. I’m included in this as well by the way, I also did the universal “roadgyal-acknowledging-a-phat-tune, with-added-bassface-for-good-measure” signal at numerous points of the night.

The majority of the night was filled with 140bpm bangers, both well known ones and exclusive ones. Whether you knew the tune or not, you were still hypnotised by the bass regardless. Jack Sparrow killed it. All of the bass (sub and lower frequencies), trigger fingers and hype up skankers were fully engaged. Every now and then, someone would drop a much slower dub tune to try and throw everyone’s rhythm off… we soon adjusted and carried on riding the fantastic sub waves. The musical assault of frequencies was being powered by Iration Steppers’ legendary and awesome soundsystem. Right in-front of the stack was the main sweet spot, so obviously it was packed there.

The place became hot and heavy very quickly. The darkness of the venue and the rising temperature from everyone soon made you feel like it was April outdoors and the sun would be up in an hour. It was strange in a way: you lost track of time overall, but kept in time with the engulfing beats. 140bpm commands that presence. 140bpm commands that pace and drive from it’s listeners, especially when it’s produced well enough… which all these tunes were to be honest.  

My knees hurt from the amount of skanking I did. I need to up my calcium intake in time for the next one...hopefully. If you weren't skanking, you were nodding your head and giving yourself neck cramp. If you weren't doing that, you were giving your arms a workout from all the gun finger signals

And then...Egoless came on and played “Topper Top” by Sir Spyro... Gone.

Wolf whistles, roadman salutes and plenty “red button” on phone screens signifying “I’m gonna record this and send it to my mates later because they’re MISSING OUT ON THIS MADNESS.”
Rightly so!

My back still hurts and I'm still smiling. Good to know I can miss gym for a little while and just recover from the epic madness.

As always, another epic Subdub. Roll on the next one!

Photo courtesy of Egoless and Bartosz Madejski

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In Review: Subdub at Freedom Mills

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