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In Review: Transmission Funk with Pangaea, Ø [Phase], Matrixxman & More

In Review: Transmission Funk with Pangaea, Ø [Phase], Matrixxman & More

Jimmy Caldwell | Reviews

Tramsmission Funk
Pangaea, Ø [Phase], Matrixxman, Batu, Facta
Friday 27th Jun
Hidden, Manchester

Everyone love’s discovering a new venue and being able to lose themselves in unfamiliar territory. Well, techno heads do. One of the newer additions to Manchester’s underground music scene Hidden, played host to one of the heftiest techno line up’s the city has seen in a while. In charge of the night was Transmission Funk who have recently made a name for themselves in the scene by holding nothing back when it comes to delivering a top quality line up. Providing the fun for the evening were big techno hitters, Pangaea, Ø [Phase] and Matrixxman, a powerful trio to say the least and one that couldn’t be missed.

Entering the venue at around 22:00 would have been an early start for some but proved to be worthwhile, catching one of the Transmission funk residents warming up the crowd for the night ahead. He eased the new arrivals into a blue fluorescent room filled with ultra violet wall paintings, spinning the sounds of heavier house cuts. Often drifting from house to techno the vinyl set kept people on their feet and drew curious ears closer to the DJ booth. Finishing the set with big tunes such as Trikk Labour 91, had the first wave of people immersed in the stomping drum patterns they came to hear. The progression of musical intensity was perfect, making this a warm up set done right.

As the night advanced, everyone soon discovered that not every room in the venue was going to be open.  Admittedly, this was a setback knowing that Hidden had way more to offer in terms of sound and space. Instead, each DJ took their turn in putting their own signature stamp on the night, one after the other behind the same set of decks.

This was certainly shown when Batu took to the stage. Displayed was a variety of bass and techno that had the crowd submerged into the low frequencies produced by Hidden’s beefy Void sound system. At points some of the drum patterns sounded like short blasts of machine gun fire. This combined with overpowering dusted snare hits had a definite reflect on Batu’s unique sound.

Moving further into the night, Hessle audio’s own Pangaea took things into his own hands presenting a display of shaky metallic beats and pitch bending synths. His style of mixing often had tracks creeping up on each other and then erupting one after the next. This is a DJ that always brings out the new material and that isn’t afraid to push musical boundaries. You never know what will be delivered until you are stood facing him head on.

Ø [Phase] was certainly at the top of the agenda for most people. You could feel a general buzz as he edged closer to the decks. Among the space aged sounds and laser beam noises lay the pounding thuds of techno. His song selection rattled bodies as he mixed from percussive techno to hammering kicks with faint machine like bleeps in the background. This is where the night took a darker turn as between breaks, dungeon like ambience left the crowd standing in admiration waiting for that next intense kick to start up again. A sure highlight of the set was when he played DJ Rolando-Jaguar, a truly euphoric masterpiece that had the energised crowd more uplifted than ever.

Transmission Funk really did pull it out of the bag with this stellar line up, it was just a shame that it wasn’t spread over a few rooms. Having said this, all of the DJ’s were on form, exposing the crowd to new and exciting material that went down a treat.

Words by Jimmy Caldwell
Photo courtesy of Transmisson Funk

In Review: Transmission Funk with Pangaea, Ø [Phase], Matrixxman & More

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