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Robert James: In conversation

Robert James: In conversation

Ahead of a pair gigs that will see ex-Leeds resident Robert James (Hot Creations) play for both Mint Festival and the Dirty Disco 10th Anniversary at Mint Warehouse, we sat down with the man himself to chat Ibiza, DC10, Leeds and more.

You’ve been spending a lot of time in Ibiza this summer. What makes a good party in Ibiza for you and who is doing it best at the moment?

It all depends where the party is, like a party in a club is going to be a lot different to a party outside in the sun. Both can be amazing or either can be terrible, as lots of things come to make it a good party. So, good sound system, good people and good music make it a good party I say. At the moment my favourite parties are obviously Paradise and Circoloco at DC10. I played Elrow at Space recently and that was amazing too. I've not been to that many other parties this year, as I try to party for where I'm playing and other times eating nice food and chilling. Except loads of after parties from DC10 of course!

Would you say spending lots of time on the island has affected your music or attitude to it in any way?

It's definitely educated me a lot more. When I did my first season I was a bit more into techno than house, I do still love Techno though. I had heard so much about DC10 and listened to so many mixes. I think I may of listened to the Circoloco Essential Mix about 100 times leading up to it. The way Pete Tong describes it is perfect, then when I got there it changed my music and attitude in a big way. I got there at 7am and It didn't open until 8am, we got there before the staff and I was first to enter that year. This place changed me forever!  

You have had quite a few dates with Paradise at DC10 this year. What does it mean to you to be playing at such a club that has been an ambassador of top quality underground music for so long?

To play here is a dream come true, It was top of my tick list to play. It's my 4th year as resident now, I remember standing on the terrace dance floor and saying to my mates I'm going to play here one day you watch! 3 years later, I am there. This is my favourite place on earth.

Rob James (Left) at DC10

Paradise’s Ibiza residency at DC10 has given many up and coming DJs a chance to play at the club, who probably wouldn't have had the opportunity if Paradise had never settled here in 2012. Do you think all calibres of DJ should be given the chance to play in clubs like this? Or do you think some particular spots should be dedicated to the more established names, as there are a few places like DC10 on the island?

Well there's loads of guests who would of never of played DC10 if it wasn't due to Paradise. Jamie was always about bringing something new to the table, so he didn't want to create another Circoloco who have there amazing Monday thing. So that's why you see such a variety of different acts each week from Disco, House and Techno. I think If you're a good enough DJ and your bringing something different to the table, you have the right to play anywhere. People like good music and something new. 

Few places like DC10 on the Island? There's nowhere like DC10 on earth never mind the island ; ) 

You’ve included the likes of Clio, Copyright and Groove Armada in you recent Resident Advisor chart as well as some of your own tunes on VIVa Music. What track has seen the biggest reaction of the summer so far?

My track on the Viva release Feel That Way has had some big reactions, especially on the Paradise stage for Tomorrow Land. Plus my new remix of SEFF - Warehouse coming out on Underground Audio in October.

You spent 5 years of your life living in Leeds, which is undeniably a hotbed for great electronic music having seen the likes of Denney, Miguel Campbell and yourself originating from there. Why do you think the city is home to so much talent? 

Because of the history Leeds has had, looking back at nights like Back to Basics which is coming up to there 24th Birthday party! There's so many good DJs in, from and who play there as residents and guests. All the residents from a lot of the nights have gone onto becoming massive artists in the scene. So with that history of house music it's paved a way for young up and coming talent. Also the crowds in Leeds definitely know how to party!

Mint Club is a hugely revered club not only in the city, but also around the world. Do you have any fond early memories playing or partying there?

I have some very fuzzy memories of being in there many years ago when Asylum and Technique were there, my first gigs there were for thursday night party Teknicolor. They were great nights!  

The club also started their festival a few of years go, aptly named Mint Festival. You will be playing there towards the end of September on the Paradise stage alongside Paco Osuna, Davide Squillace, wAFF and more. Are you surprised that this is the first large scale dance music festival to take place in Leeds?

Not Surprised as it's been building up for sometime now and someone had to do it. Leeds is my favourite city outside London and the scene there is amazing, it's about time someone did it and the line up is amazing! I can't wait to come back to Leeds and play.

Mint Festival 2015
Dirty Disco Leeds

Interview by Josh Plews
Images courtesy of The Rest Is Noise, Paradise Official and Mint Festival

Robert James: In conversation

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