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XLR8R releases Podcast 450 [10 Years] series

XLR8R releases Podcast 450 [10 Years] series

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of their first ever podcast, XLR8R have released six new mixes for Podcast 450, each representing a different continent as the magazine seeks to show off some of the best talent from around the globe. Releasing one a day from Monday 1st of August, the website put out the final instalment on Saturday, with a beautifully trippy effort from Uruguayan selector Nicolas Lutz. Here’s a rundown of each of the six mixes.


Aussie trio Seekae step up for Oceania, with an Ableton-crafted garden of sounds including Caribou’s “Mars”, Hessle Audio co-founder Pangaea, and Warp Records’ Autechre. Staying deep and brooding at points, the mix dips in and out of focus, sometimes hazy and sedated but shifting back into gear with striking dexterity. Garage, grime and electro make their entrances in the latter half, with the breaks of Bandshell’s “Rise Em” and the ensuing dub brought by Grievous Angel feat. Rubi Dan offering hints of approaching chaos which never quite kicks in.

DJ Nobu

Believing his task to be “to navigate the crowd gradually into dancing mood”, Japanese techno guru DJ Nobu toes a dark and experimental path for the Asian instalment of the series. The set was recorded at rural, an open air festival held high up in the Japanese mountains. Challenging at times, this Nobu offering will engage the brain without needing to explode, pacing through abrasive terrain and, in doing so, cutting out a route for others to follow.

Tama Sumo

Europe sends forth 80 minutes of world-exploring music from Germany thanks to Tama Sumo, and by the time Tabu Ley Rochereau’s “Haffi Deo” comes in around 8 minutes you’ve already been left in no doubt that the mix is going to be something special. A masterful technician, the Panorama Bar resident has no need to worry about crossing genre boundaries, and dances her way through disco, funk and soul with apparent effortlessness. Erupting with noisy house and acidic techno, she leaves behind saxophones for 808s and then, just as you thought she was building to the crushing finale, the smooth jazz tones of before returns. Mixes of this quality are far from common.

DJ Stingray
North America

Picking a North American from outside of Detroit would have been a bold move, but there is nothing tame about this Motor City favourite. Breakbeat and electro are fused together by way of high force impact, making it an exceptional highest energy mix.

Culoe de Song

Soulful house has come to be a defining feature of a blossoming South African music scene, and one of the prime leaders in this development has been Culoe de Song. Touching on acid, rooted in rhythm, this mix shows off some of the most beautiful tunes in his collection. Multiple-times a releasee on Innervisions, de Song commands a huge amount of respect as a producer, and this mix demonstrates his capabilities behind the decks as well.

Nicolas Lutz
South America

A native of Montevideo in Uruguay but now local to Berlin, Nicolas Lutz has consistently been one of the most interesting DJs to do the rounds anywhere in the world, having risen to prominence thanks to the sonic spoils of his widely cast net. Running on twinkling synths and understated bass rumblings, Lutz twists and turns through acid, deep house, techno and electro, creating a mix with extraordinary space and unmistakable class.

Words by Andrew Kemp
Photo courtesy of Tama Sumo

XLR8R releases Podcast 450 [10 Years] series

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