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Youngsta brings Contact to Leeds

Youngsta brings Contact to Leeds

Given the amount of drama and naysayers Dubstep has had to put up with for the last year; from Skream’s infamous misquote in the “sterling” publication that is the Daily Star, to certain producers from the scene making alias’, in order to jump aboard the flavour of the month that is House music. Not to knock house music of course, but it sometimes seemed like a lot of people were losing their faith in Dubstep. Thankfully, the scene has weathered the storm and come out potentially stronger than ever. This has come partly in the form of a renewed interest in the more stripped back and more roots sounds coming out of such labels as Osiris, Chestplate and Tempa as well as newcomer labels with a fresh take on the classic formula – Uprise Audio, Innamind and Redshift One to name a few. These aren’t the only new kinds of Dubstep getting pushed today, but they are at the forefront, with much of the credit for this going to Youngsta’s RinseFM Show: Minimal Mondays, which has garnered a cult following not just in the UK but all over the world.

Not content with just his radio show, Youngsta has since started his own night: Contact, which despite having not even celebrated it’s 1st birthday, has already got a legendary reputation for big soundsystem’s, big DJ’s and of course, big vibes.

Up until now, Contact has been a strictly London event and has even played host to room 3 at Fabric – rare for a young club night. However, come the 1st of February, it makes it's first trip away from the nation’s capital to take over Leed’s Vox Warehouse. It will come in tow with a full Void “Incubus” soundsystem (Void have provided soundsystems for festivals such as Outlook so you can trust it will be weighty) as well as a lineup full of some of Dubstep’s biggest names.

Youngsta will of course be featuring – it’s always a special experience to see the man many call “the best DJ in dubstep” to do his thing – alongside Icicle, VIVEK, J:Kenzo , Commodo , Skeptical and Nomine.  There’s a lot to say about every name on that list: Icicle, one of the few producers who has made movements in both Drum and Bass as well as Dubstep whilst remaining more than relevant in both soundscapes.  Check out what happened when the man himself went b2b with Youngsta on Rinse FM last year below.

VIVEK, whom it goes without saying has, for a long time, been releasing on some of the oldest and most respected labels in the game: Deep Medi Musik and Tectonic, as well as being the man behind probably the only other new night in the last couple years to successfully follow the path of institutions such as DMZ and SUBDUB, in the form of SYSTEM which even has its own label of the same name to push its classic but contemporary sound. Tempa alumni J:Kenzo and Nomine both command real respect amongst the real heads, there isn’t anyone who’s a regular at these sorts of events who hasn’t heard Kenzo’s Ruffhouse over a system (listen below) and Nomine’s tracks make regular circulation on the Minimal Monday’s playlist. Skeptical, whose tracks with their unique dark style often make an appearance at the end of Youngsta’s sets (where he regularly finishes with a palette cleanser of Drum and Bass) will this time appear in person to bring a tempo change, providing a refresher in a mainly 140bpm night which is still very in line with the sound the night is pushing, and finally also on the bill is Commodo. This producer can do no wrong at the moment with his seminal remix of Mala’s Miracles having just been finally released (listen below), he is likely to bring some serious dubplate pressure given how many of his songs remain unreleased: Hyperreal, his remix of Gantz’s Free Focus and of course Fuck Mountain are all tracks which deserved to be heard on a heavy system and I honestly can’t wait.

Essentially, February’s edition of Contact has all the elements needed for something special. A Lineup to drool over, a serious set of speakers and a city with a crowd to appreciate it.

Contact Leeds at Vox Warehouse tickets are on sale now. Early Bird tickets sold out almost immediately with Standard Release tickets now also selling quick. We strongly advise buying tickets now to avoid missing out on Contact's first ever outing outside of London.

Youngsta Contact Leeds

Article by Arthur Seaward
Images courtesy of Beta Nightclub and Contact.

Youngsta brings Contact to Leeds

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